Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to discover the best curling mascara for you

Unless you’re blessed with naturally curling eyelashes, finding the best mascara for you can be a long and difficult process. You see, whilst one curling mascara might give your friend beautiful, angelically curling eyelashes, on you, it might just clump together, making you look like someone from a bad reality TV show. Trust me that is most definitely not good. So, if you’re too lazy to curl your eyelashes before putting mascara on, it’s time to head to whatever makeup shops there are near you because, you seriously need to find and stock up on the best curling mascara for you.

Courtesy of Lancôme’s Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara is, quite literally, one of the best mascaras out there. Did you know that, to create the perfect wand/formula combination, researchers has to spend seven long years in the lab? Well, thankfully, there time was not wasted and, this beautiful mascara has the same effect on eyelashes that a good blow dry does on hair; it gives eyelashes more volume, a bit more precision and definitely some more lift. The mascara extends and lifts the eyelashes which give the user a very wide-eyed, doll eyes look. The mascara has a cone shaped brush which researchers claim ensures that, you will always use the ideal amount of mascara, even when you’re trying to coat those tricky lashes in the inner corner of your eyes. It costs around £22 in the UK so, it costs slightly more than your average Rimmel London mascara but, when it comes to mascara, you can never spend too much money. 'left', 'clear' => 'right', 'margin_top' => '', 'margin_bottom' => '', 'padding_top' => '', 'padding_bottom' => ''), array(), array()) -->Baby Doll DarlingYSL Baby Doll Mascara is the latest mascara which the beautiful brand has decided to supply us with. The mascara has a dual wand which, on one side, has thick bristles which boost volume whereas on the other side, you can find finer bristles which come in handy for curling even the straightest of lashes. The many people who have tried this fabulous new mascara have claimed that, it is, quite literally, seduction for the eyelashes. The way that the brush is designed means that, the volume is created lash by lash which ensures that you never achieve that frightful clumped-together look which some teenagers seem to adore for some inexplicable reason. This mascara nearly always lends the user a wide-eyed look which echoes falsely innocent sensuality. It draws all of the attention straight up to the eyes so, if your lips aren’t, well, wonderful, apply a couple of coats of this darling and watch the boys stop and stare. Get Ready For the PhotosRevlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara is, at £10.99 per tube, one of the slightly cheaper mascaras available on the market today. Despite its bargain price, I can assure you that, it most certainly does work and work well. The brush has been designed with super-fine bristles which can catch and accentuate even the smallest and finest of lashes hidden away in the corner of your eye. With this mascara, you can get away with wearing at least two coats, depending on what effect it has on your lashes. One of the many beauties of this product is that, it doesn’t dry immediately which, gives you the opportunity to, add more coats to your lashes to define them without committing the cardinal sin of mascara; making them clumpy. The formula of this mascara seems to work for the majority of people and, although, when it comes to volume, this mascara isn’t exactly top of the class, it is very good at enhancing eyelashes, both at day and at night. It’s Not An Icon For NothingDior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara is, as far as the mascara world is concerned, the new kid on the block. It’s only been on the market for a couple of months but, it has already cemented itself in the majority of women’s makeup bags and, I think that it will be a regular feature for many years to come. Now, before you write this mascara off as another overpriced (£23) overrated product, you should know that, it does everything which mascara should do. That is, it curls, lengthens, defines and stays on even in the busiest of days.  The curved wand means that, it can reach even those stubborn lashes in the corner of your eye. Another perk is that, when buying this mascara, you are not just confined to boring, stately black; you can choose bright blue instead. This mascara is great if you have quite sparse eyelashes as it plumps them up without clumping in no time, making you well and truly ready for your close-up. Maybe Not a Benefit they’re Real Mascara is another beauty babe. It’s the most popular mascara in the whole of the UK with one tube selling every four seconds. Pretty good, huh? However, whilst this mascara may seem like a pretty good match on paper, in reality, you should probably stay well away. The formula is wet which leaves eyelashes clumpy and crusty when they do eventually dry. Whilst the mascara does indeed add a bit of drama to the eyes, who wants people to be drawn to their eyes when they’re a mess of clumps and crustiness? The mascara also manages to lodge itself firmly onto the lashes, refusing to let go even after hours of gentle persuasion with the eye makeup remover. However, despite the crustiness of the mascara, I have to admit that, the brush has some very cool features; the spikes on the end of the brush are extremely helpful when it comes to coating the smaller, finer lashes in the corners of the eyes. Givenchy Is GreatSome of you may be somewhat surprised to know that, Givenchy isn’t just a beautiful fashion brand; it’s also very well-respected in the beauty world. And, when it comes to mascara, Givenchy’s Noir Couture Mascara wins almost every time. The three-bubbled nature of the brush means that, you can really access the small, fiddly, pain in the neck lashes in the corners. This means that, for once, you don’t end up with half of your lashes being well and truly volumous and defined and the other half well, just being there. Givenchy’s new mascara is also suitable for people with sensitive eyes so, if you have sensitive eyes but still want long, defined, curling eyelashes, you might want to locate a tube of this stuff. The mascara doesn’t itch or flake either which, when it comes to long, hard days at work, is an absolute godsend. The mascara is, at £22.50, slightly more expensive than a drugstore brand but, as it works on almost anyone, I would say that, rather than being a whim purchase, it’s an investment piece. Bargain Basement Maybelline Great Lash is, at £5.19 a tube the bargain of the mascara world. And, not only is it a bargain, it’s also a legend. Since it was launched way back in 1971, Maybelline has been helping the women of the world to lengthen their stumpy, stubbornly straight eyelashes. The formula of the mascara is quite thin which helps to avoid any unsightly lumps, clumps and bumps. The mascara is also waterproof which makes it great for those sporty girls who want a little extra drama whilst they’re thundering around a track.

The mascara also works wonders on eyebrows, defining and darkening even the sparsest, fairest of all eyebrows. Whilst, when it comes to curling, this isn’t the best curling mascara, it is very good when it comes to multi-tasking. The Hero of Heroes Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara is still going strong, even after 23 long, hard years of being the best curling mascara. The mascaras defining feature has to be its unique ability to define each and every individual lash, no matter how small, to create a beautiful, sultry, fan effect. When it comes to fair and straight eyelashes, Max Factor is able to rescue them from the pit of obscurity, volumising and lengthening them to its hearts content. It gives eyes a sexy, cats-eye appearance which, is, as experts agree, extremely reminiscent of a femme fatale.

The mascara is also very rich and black which makes it ideal for darkening fair eyelashes as well as defining them too. The brush is also able to reach almost every eyelash in the eye so that no lash goes untouched. The mascara is also quite wet which means that, it is free of all unsightly lumps and bumps. The mascara doesn’t flake either which has cemented it as a firm favourite of anyone who leads an active lifestyle. When it comes to finding the best curling mascara, you have to rely on your gut instincts and trust what you know. Whether you’ve got the cash to spare to buy Dior’s masterpiece or if you’re going to have to confine yourself to the drugstore shelves, there is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to find the best curling mascara for you and your precious eyelashes at